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There are several forms of oral surgery offered at David L. Sykes DMD, LLC. While they all vary based on the oral condition they treat or correct, the recovery process after oral surgery always calls for basic care. Any prescription pain medications, anti-inflammatories, or antibiotics will need to be taken at the appropriate times and dosages.

It’s also important to note that certain lifestyle choices like tobacco use can cause significant complications. The heat, tar, and other chemicals introduced to your mouth can irritate oral tissues, increase your healing time, and potentially cause an infection around the healing tissues. In order to treat these complications, an additional oral surgery or the use of prescription antibiotics may be needed.

If you have an upcoming oral surgery scheduled at Dr. David L. Sykes’s clinic in Linwood, New Jersey, you should speak to your primary physician about a tobacco cessation program. They can often work with you to find the best method for you. Try to choose a tobacco cessation program that doesn’t include nicotine gum or lozenges, as they can also irritate healing gums.

Any special recovery measures will be covered during your surgical consultation. If you live in the Linwood, New Jersey, area and you have a question about an upcoming oral surgery at David L. Sykes DMD, LLC you can always call 609-653-6300 to speak to Dr. David L. Sykes or a member of the staff. Our team is happy to provide the services and care you need to make a full recovery!