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Several symptoms and issues can often arise in your mouth if any underlying diseases or infections are present. If you’re doing damage to your mouth or if you have suffered any kind of injuries that are slowly getting worse over time, it can often produce jaw and facial discomfort as a symptom. If you are suffering from such discomfort, not only will it need to be effectively treated, but you will need to visit our oral surgeon to determine if it is a condition and a sign of something more serious.

Monitoring any signs of jaw and facial discomfort is important because if you are suffering from any sensitivity or increased discomfort within your mouth, an underlying condition is often present. Various causes of jaw and facial pain are as follows:

– sinus problems
– toothaches
– infections
– arthritis
– TMJ disorders
– periodontal disease
– bruxism
– oral accidents or injuries
– blunt trauma

If you have suffered any form of damage to your mouth and are suffering from jaw and facial discomfort, it is important to visit our oral surgeon to determine how the damage occurred and what injuries are present. Once that has happened, an appropriate treatment can be applied.

To properly treat jaw pain, various implementation of oral appliances and exercises, techniques and several other treatments can be used. Some of your options may include:

– tooth extractions
– antibiotics
– key exercises to strengthen your jaw and face
– anti-inflammatory medication
– muscle relaxants

If you ever suffer any signs of dental damage and are plagued with jaw and facial discomfort, our oral surgeon may be able to provide the appropriate treatment.

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